Thank You

The Producers thank you for your generous donation to the Not That Jewish Social Justice Through The Arts Ticket Campaign. Your contribution allowed us to provide free tickets to Jewish Community Centers in the New York Metropolitan Area who have been the target of increased bigotry, antisemitism and threats of violence.

Russ Altman
William Aronson
Debby Bauman
Charlie Breslin
Marvin Cherin
Ron Corwin
Resa Davids
Sima Ghadamian
Michael & Gail Gerber
Edythe Heus
Allyson Himelstein
Ellen Hirschberg
Suzanna Kaplan

Marion Klein
Joanne Klein
Barbara  Kroll
Howard Kuperberg
Paul Lander
Mara Leighton
Maddy LeMel
Barry Levitt
Patricia Linden
Natalie Loeb
Marla J. Mayer
Hillary Rollins
Arva Rose

Frayne & Sandy Rosenfield
Eliot Seal
Mary Setrakian
Fred Shafferman
Gail Solo
Melanie Starks
Linda Tabbush
Adrienne Wald
Marta Lois Ward
Fredda Wasserman
Antony Zaki

For more information on the campaign or to make a contribution visit: